8 ways to Speed Up Your Android Phone in Under 6 Minutes Run as fast as new bought

8 ways to Speed Up Your Android Phone in Under 6 Minutes Run as fast as new bought

All Android devices after a time of use will be delayed. However not everyone knows how to accelerate the Android smartphone to run fast again “as the original minute”. Here I will guide you to make that miracle.

1. Reduce Motion frame effects

Although it is only a decrease in the effect, but this is why your machine runs faster because it must wait for a conversion time between frames. You need to enable the Developer option mode by clicking Install > Introduction to your phone to press 7 times on the version number item. Then you go to the developer option and reduce the dynamic ratio of 0.0 x or 0.5 x.

2. Use other launcher

Most depending on the machine each phone company will use a different launcher to be customized by the manufacturer. However, some default launcher attached to the machine is quite a memory when used, so we need to set another launcher instead. Here I would like to introduce Nova launcher.

3. Turn off the running background application

When to survive too many applications that run the background at the same time will make your computer a RAM to maintain their operation, which makes your computer slow down. The simple way to fix is to click on the Recent app button and remove the run-out app there.

It is also quite effective to turn off the underground application using Greenify. Greenify will automatically shut down all the underground applications by selecting the > Menu that creates the hibernation shortcut for hibernation.

4. Deactivate animated wallpapers and remove unnecessary widgets

5. Remove unnecessary applications

Continue to work as “lightweight” for your phone is to remove unnecessary applications. To do this, you access the installed > application. Here you will see all installed applications on your computer, select the application that you feel unnecessary anymore and uninstall.

6. Memory cleanup

There are applications you feel the “can’t be deleted” or “No such way to erase” like Facebook we still use the day, do you? Of course not deleted, we will delete their cache by going to the memory > setting and USB > memory in > of the saved data to cache > select OK.

In addition, you should delete the redundant files in your machine as files that you have downloaded, your photos should sync via Google Drive then delete it to lighten the memory, copy the files from the memory in your device to the memory card or the computer ,…

7. Updates Android Latest

The updates from the manufacturer will fix the error in your device, patch the security vulnerabilities, System Application optimization,… help your computer to run faster. Please check that you have updated your computer to the latest version yet by visiting the > device information Update > download update.

8. Restoring the Factory configuration

This is the last choice when all the above solutions do not eat any loss. I done by selecting Install > Backup & reputting The > reset of original data. The biggest drawback of this method is that you will lose the entire data installed in your machine. You should back up your important data onto your computer, synchronize your contacts through a Google account, back up call logs and messages with SMS Backup & Restore,… The advantage is to say, your machine will be back to the original time as new “lap”. There’s no reason for you to slow down the whole thing, it’s going to be as fast as you buy.

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