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5 Little Tips To Protect your eyes when using your phone to play Games

The use of smartphone daily, will now affect no less to your eyes. How to use for job and entertainment requirements but can still protect our “soul” window. Please refer to our little tips below.
1. Increase the text size on screen (Android and IOS)
The letters on the site may remain small but you are absolutely right to use the top two fingers to execute them. But the letters displayed on the 3rd party application are temporarily in no way to fix it.
The word on the text of the message section, email, name, number of order in the contact application and other core applications on the IPhone and Android devices can increase your size.

For Android: Select Settings > Display > Font Size, then one of 4 small (small), normal (normal), large (large) or huge (large) settings.

For IOS: Select Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size, then drag the slider to the left (to select smaller size) or on the right (to select larger size). If you want the font to be really big, go to the Settings > General > Accessibility > Larger Text, then drag the slider to push up the size you want.

2. Making bold Onscreen (IOS)

Select Settings > Display & Brightness, and select on Bold Text mode. You then choose to continue to accept the computer reboot and activate bold type.

3. Try High Contrast mode (Android “Lollipop “)

High-contrast text is a function still in development phase but if you have problems with reading the word on Android, this is really the feature should try.

To activate this function, go to Settings > Accessibility, check the box next to the “high-contrast text “.

4. Zoom in the screen by hand manipulation (Android and IOS)

With Android: Select Settings > Accessibility > Magnification gestures, and then select on. Now try the home screen and touch three times in the screen, when you do so, the screen will enlarge. Use two finger manipulation to enlarge the screen everywhere and drag the screen by sliding two fingers. Touch 3 times in a consecutive time to shrink the normal size.

With IOS: Select Settings > Accessibility > Zoom, select Enable this mode. Next go to the home screen, double-click with 3 fingers and keep your fingers on the screen after the second touches. Now try to drag the top finger up the top to enlarge, and pull down to shrink. You can also drag around the Master 3 tip finger to move around the screen being launched. If you want to return to normal, double-tap the screen using the top 3 fingers.

5. Reduce Motion (IOS)

The ingenious combination of motion pictures makes the iPhone and IPad screen a real depth and image. However, some people think that these screens appear to be suddenly causing them to feel dizzy. To disable this effect you just need to do the following

Select Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and select Off.


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