fixed stutters when mobile gaming With the “super tool” dedicated to Android

fixed stutters when mobile gaming With the “super tool” dedicated to Android

A group of young friends on XDA has researched and developed the “super tool” to help the Android run smoother and more hot-powered machines, which is L Speed.

To install and use this software, the gamers follow these steps:

1. Prerequisite, Android phone must be Root earlier

2. Go to CH Play, find the application with the keyword L Speed, or click on link then download and install to your phone

3. Download and install the File Manager application for Root, for example ES file Explorer

4. Open ES File Explorer up, Access path/SYSTEM/ETC/INIT.D

5. Open the folder init. D and delete all the files that are in it

6. Reboot the phone.

For the best running application, you start the software, go to Main Tweak and edit the following:

Ram Manager – Balanced

Kernel Tweaks – Light

Kernel Sleepers Optimization-On
Battery Improvement-On
Flag Tuner-On
Fast Charge-On (this phone must have fast support charge or Quick charge)
Improve Scrolling-On
Disable Debugging-On
Disable Logging-On
Disable Kernel Panic-On
Cleaner on Boot-on
IO Boost-On
SD Tweak-On
Partition remount – On

The main features of L Speed include:

-Improve your computer performance

-Improving battery time usage

-Increase the speed of read items on the memory chip

-Reduced state of lag and hot machines

-Better RAM Management

-Accelerated Application Startup

And there are many other features that gamers can learn during use.

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